Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spreading some wings

We made it through our first year of Homeschooling!!! We ploughed through snow days and spring break so we could hit our required days of school mark early enough to enjoy some spring and sunshine. Yes, we will try it again next year. This time for all three of the bugs. As I am learning to live my life, I am taking this on a "I'll do it until God tells me not to" basis. Did I ever mention how hard that is sometimes?

The Big Bugs had a busy week with their very first piano recital and then a Spring Program at the school they attend for classes one day a week. I was so proud of them. Not too long ago, Emily was too afraid to even go up and sing with her Sunday School class. At first they would stand there and cling to each other. Then one time Alexa went up with out her sister and sang a couple words. Three years later, they fully participate. I am so proud of them.

The Spring Program had two performances. When we got to the evening performance, Elaina was squirrely. As the first group opened the first couple measures of the song she was in need of some redirection. "Elaina come sit still." "Why, Mommy? They sang this already!" I would love to know what she thought she was going to hear for the second performance!

As I got ready to go to the second show I couldn't help to think about HOW MANY individual and repeat performances my parents endured for us kids. Not to mention that all three of us grew up being in multiple groups and plays. Hats off to my awesome parents!

We are entering a new phase in our lives: Cheerleaders. Now that's not so new because I believe that is the role we play as soon as your child is born. "Did you go poopy? Yeah what a good girl!" But now we get to clench our hands as they go up to the front on their own power. The lights go up and what will be will be. I guess we are always in training for letting them go out into the big world.

Maybe concerts are just God's way of training us parents to let them fly out of the nest.