Thursday, March 3, 2011


The other night, at bedtime, Elaina was showing me a special picture book that her Aunt made her. She has a picture of Ava in it. So naturally she started talking about her. I wonder how much she remembers verses how much memory of her is imposed. Not that I'm surprised, she was only 2 1/2. What actually surprises me is what she can remember.

After she went through her litany of "Mommy, why did Ava die?" I asked her how did that make you feel? She looked at me and said, "it hurt my feelings." I love how kids just say what they think. It's refreshing.

Elaina gets really upset if she thinks I'm sad for any reason. It actually breaks my heart. She runs around and starts to whine and then starts to act silly and tries to make me smile. I so wish she didn't have to act that way.

Yesterday I was having a moment when the bugs were upstairs, probably undoing all I reorganized, together having a great time. Next thing I know Alexa and Elaina were downstairs with me. Alexa looked at me and said "why do you look like you've been crying." I told her that I didn't know and that I was OK. She asked if I was missing Ava. I tried to tell her that I was fine, but my wet eyes told her the truth.

Meanwhile Elaina was starting to swirl, and say, "no,no. Mommy be happy. Mommy be HAPPY." I told her I was OK. Alexa looked at her sister and said, "Elaina, Mommy is allowed to cry." Elaina settled down.

Then my sweet 6 year old offered me the Ava toys and stuffed animals that comfort her. This time they would have made it worse, so I told her no thank you. She looked at me and knowingly nodded and ushered her sister upstairs not before she peered around the corner and gave me a sweet and supportive smile.

I usually try to not have them in a position where they feel like that have to "make me feel better", I just don't want that responsibility for them. There are moments when it's so sweet, I have to share.

Sometimes I think about how those bugs can comfort and I think that it might be OK that they help Allan and myself as we muddle through this crazy life. We are family and we are living this together.

I am so very grateful for those little hearts brimming with a compassion that only God provides.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The "What If" game is annoying

I've been having a tough time of it lately. I don't know why. It just happens. As I type this I'm having De jas vous.

It's a busy time around here. There are mountains of wash and piles of papers. There are toys strewn about and yet I look at them, shake my head and "hide" on the computer. The state of our home is a perfect barometer for how I feel.

We've had so many commitments of late we've been running from one thing to the next. This week is a bit quieter. The problem is that when it's quiet like this I tend to let down and unravel a bit. It's necessary, but so is the laundry.

The bugs are grumpy as they are all fighting a little of the ick that's been going around. They aren't sick per se but they are agitated with each other. I am grateful that they haven't developed the full blown sicknesses that are going around. Really thankful about that.

I am feeling out of steam about running right now too. I have a 10 run this week and don't feel geared up for it. I am just thinking about how I have to run 5 tomorrow and how I really don't feel like it.

Can you say F-U-N-K? 'Cause I'm in it.

The cool thing is that I seem to have an insight and a level of patience with the kids that usually lapses when my energy does. That is a gift that God is giving me to get me through. I recognize it as that and am glad for it.

Today I got a sweet card in the mail. What a nice gift to lift my spirits some. Yesterday when I came into the neighborhood from my run I spied my kids and my parents playing baseball in the yard. It was so so uplifting to my hurting heart.

I just saw a Thanksgiving picture with all the Cousins together. Except it's not true. They aren't all together and will never be on this earth. I hate that every time I see a photograph I have to clarify it's title in my mind. "All of the living cousins". "All of my living children".

I really hate that when I see my kids growing and changing I think of a 7 1/2 year old and an 18 month old and wonder what it would really be like.

I know that God will use the broken ugly stuff in our lives for good. But I really wonder why He thought it would be a good idea to give us two kids with Mito disease. Why that is what it took to have us start the Joy-Hope Foundation. I know that His plan is the best and perfect for us. I can see in many ways how that is.

Sometimes I just wish there would be another way.